Arctic Sovereignty The fate of the Arctic affects all inhabitants of the planet Canadian Leadership Canada began a two-year term as chair of the Arctic Council in May 2013 Transportation Climate infrastructure and distance present enormous challenges in the Arctic Search and Rescue A Canadian dive team in action Global Warming Ice in the Arctic is melting twice as fast as the rest of the planet Biodiversity at Stake Rising temperatures melt ice floes needed by polar bears to hunt Landscapes of Landfill Dump sites are found throughout the inhabited areas of the Arctic Northern History & Culture Inuit of the Thule culture migrated from Alaska over 1,000 years ago, replacing the earlier Dorset culture of the region The Future of Nunavut More than one-third of the population is under the age of fifteen


Experienced, award-winning investigative journalist who has reported on human rights issues in conflict zones and countries undergoing “transition.” Jane is currently researching the future of international peacekeeping in the 21st century and Canada’s contribution.